About Us

Hello Everyone! 

I started Scentz Jewellery to share with you the wonders and benefits of scent therapy or aroma therapy. I noticed how different smells had a therapeutic effect on me, for instance the whiff of the salty sea breeze reminds me of my relaxing holiday in Fiji, the sweet calming aroma of the lavender essential oil puts me back to the time I spent in the maternity hospital, becoming a new mother, or the scent of the old Yale talc takes me back to my carefree childhood days spent in my grandmother's house.....( let's skip the part about how the smells of freshly baked cinnamon rolls would make my day!) 

The point is, the Scentz aromatherapy lockets lets you take your favorite scents with all day long just like your very own personal aromatherapy diffuser. By placing your favorite scents in the lockets and carrying them around with you, reminds you of these wonderful times and puts a smile on your face. Most types of essential oils have a positive therapeutic effect on your well-being. There are essential oils to induce relaxation, promote feelings of calmness and uplifting and so much more!

Shop on my website to pick the aromatherapy diffuser locket of your choice, select from our range of sizes, colours and shapes to fit your style or occasion. All our aromatherapy jewellery are made from hypoallergenic surgical grade stainless steel. Our collection of essential oils are excellent for promoting positive moods and improving well-being. Choose the Scentz Gift Pack option which includes 3 bottles of 100% pure and natural essential oils to start off. While you are shopping, think about how your friends or family might enjoy having their very own personal aromatherapy locket too!  

Follow me on my journey as I continue to learn and  blog on the benefits of scent therapy and how it affects us. I do encourage you to give me feedback on our Scentz products and share your stories with me about how you, your family and friends have benefited from using our aromatherapy lockets and essential oils.

Stay in touch with me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and share your journey with me and the growing Scentz community.

I wish you many Scentz happy days ahead! 

With Love and Light,

Angie De Souza

Email: angie@scentzjewellery.co.nz

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Angie De Souza is a qualified reflexologist and registered as a  Professional Member of Reflexology NZ.  She is also the owner-operator of Blossoms Massage and Reflexology based in Oamaru, New Zealand. 

B(Sc) Hons, Diploma in Reflexology (ITEC, NZQA), PGDE (Teaching)